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About us


Samuele manages about 30 hectares of orchards planted with kiwifruit, stonefruit, persimmon, pomegranates and berries.

Qualified at the professional school for agriculture of Faenza (RA), he is member of professional register for agrotechnics.

He is at the same time grower and technical consultant for fruit trees production and he manages his activity mainly through land improvement projects at international level. In particular, Samuele is technical manager of an important agricultural investment on kiwifruit in Argentina.

The collaboration with scientific institutions and technicians of specialized companies allow him to get a continuous and permanent update on advanced technologies and varieties available in agriculture.


Flavia works as technical manager for Italy on post harvest management of fruit industry.

She got doctorate at Bologna University and she is member of professional register for agronomists.

Her experience is extended to all ambits of fruit production and her multiple skills for many countries all around the world allows her to have a reach networks of relationships and updates on main topics.

Every day, at sunrise, the gazelle knows she has to run to avoid to become food.

Every day, at sunrise, the lion knows he must run to get some food.

It does not really matter if you are lion or gazelle, if you want to live you have to run!

Samuele CAROLI

Flavia SUCCI

Our philosopy

cara fruit
cara fruit
cara fruit
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