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cara fruit
cara fruit
cara fruit

If you like to have an analysis or your first investment, just fill up the following form and we will contact you

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Approach to first investment

The service applies to growers, agricultural owners and growers associations for public and private business projects.

The activity is organized giving the possibility to each agricultural owner, who will ask for consultancy, to have qualified technicians, skilled and free from external constraints, with whom production objectives will be fixed at the beginning of technical service.

          Feasibility studies and fruiticulture and pedological zoning projects.


          Practices management of orchards: plant physiology and relationship with environment, grafting,

          winter and summer pruning, thinning, canopy management, mineral nutrition, irrigation.

          Pest mangement for insects and fungi diseases using integrated and organic approach.

          Orchards management and mechanization: project and activation.

          Management and monitoring of all operational steps involved in farming.


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cara fruit
cara fruit
cara fruit

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