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cara fruit
cara fruit
cara fruit

Performing areas

The knowlegde and the innovation, trasnfered by technical assistance, are very important for competition and development under environmental sustainibility and production rationalization..
This aspect is fundamental to ensure a right profitability to growers besides allowing to be aligned with future objetives.

We find the right solution for any kind of requirement:

  • Fruticulture  

  • Nursery

  • Organic

  • Systems

  • Marketing

cara fruit
cara fruit
cara fruit

We abuse of land because we consider it as a good belonging to us. When we will see the land as a comunity to which we belong, we could start to use it with love and respect.

                                                                                           Aldo Leopold. 

We need farmers, poets, people who know how to make bread, people who loves trees and recognize wind.

                                                                               Franco Arminio. 

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